Schuetz Const, LLC extensive drilling fleet includes a wide range or rigs. We are able to handle a wide range of projects and are experienced in all different soil types.

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Ditch Witch JT2720



  • Pulls multiple conduits up to 1,000 feet
  • High fluid flow
  • 27,000 pounds of pullback power

Ditch Witch JT2020 Mach 1



  • High fluid flow for longer utility installations and work in sandy conditions.
  • High drilling fluid pressure capacity.
  • 20,000 lbs of pullback force, 225RPM max. spindle speed

Ditch Witch JT3020AT



  • Has an advanced dual-drive pipe system and hydraulic, heavy duty anchor system.
  • 148-hp JT3020 All Terrain can steer, drill and backreem up to 650 ft.
  • Rugged, long wearing fluid pump delivers 42-viscosity drilling mud at 50 gpm.

American Augers DD10



  • Self-Contained
  • Mid-Sized
  • 14,000 ft-lbs. of maximum rotary torque
  • On board mud pump with 1.5 in. capable of 200 U.S gallons